What We Do

We provide one last wish to couples facing terminal illnesses

We aim to provide one last wish of a wedding for couples dealing with a terminal illness, through a combination of donations and subsidised wedding services.

The most important thing when planning a wedding is making sure you have plenty of time to save and make arrangements, however, due to the indiscriminate nature of many life limiting illnesses, this luxury is mercilessly removed. Due to the insecurity created by receiving such devastating news, you would not want to leave your spouse carrying the debt that a wedding would incur.

Through building an extensive network of professional volunteers and a database of suppliers and businesses, who are willing to donate or work at cost, we will be able to make wonderful things happen, at short notice and at a reasonable price for the people who deserve it the most.

The project also collects used wedding dresses from generous brides and donates them to brides within the 'Wish for a Wedding' concept. Any dresses donated that are not used after 12 months, or are not up to the standard required to be reused, will be turned into burial gowns for babies that are no longer with us.

We look forward to sharing the stories and memories from the special days we capture.  Your donations will mean more couples can benefit from our services and have one last special day to remember.