Apply for a Wedding

Let us help you to create a special day day to remember

We'll do whatever we can to provide as many weddings as possible. All applications will be considered providing they meet the eligibility criteria.

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If you'd like to apply for a wedding or nominate someone you think deserves a wedding, please download an application form below. If you're not sure if they meet the criteria you can email a brief description about the person you are nominating / their circumstances as this will help us decide if they are eligible.

Please note: Our weddings are put on through a combination of suppliers donating their time / service, and fundraising donations. You need to be as flexible as possible and willing to get married on a week day as we are relying on suppliers donating their time at very short notice. Most suppliers are booked up on a weekend so we need to be as flexible as possible to get as much help as we can. We do not welcome bridezillas! We like to keep our weddings to a maximum of 50 guests, unless you can contribute and pay for extra guests yourself. We will do all we can to make your day as special as possible.

You must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a terminal or life shortening illness (we'll need to confirm this with your health care professional)
  • UK Resident
  • 18 years or older
  • On a low Income or In receipt of a benefit
  • You must organise an urgent wedding licence and pay the fee for this
download our application Form

Once you've filled in the form, please email it to:

Become a wish volunteer

If you'd like to volunteer your time to organise a wedding in your area, please contact us at and provide the following information:

  • A brief description about yourself and how you can help
  • Do you have any relevant experience in organising weddings (this is not compulsory but you must be willing to spend a lot of hours on a particular wedding and liaise with suppliers)
  • Your Location
  • A recent photograph